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Dr. Sabina Sansoni

Sabina Sansoni: Graduated in modern letters, address historical -artistic, La Sapienza University of Rome. Since 2007 are licensed tour guide for areas of Viterbo Province, and from 2009 to Rome and province,in the languages ​​Italian,English,French and Spanish.
I have always appreciated the historical artistic and natural beauties of this area, La Tuscia, I'll be glad to present to anyone who was interested. My tours are addressed to both groups of adults and schoolchildren who to individuals and persons with disabilities (within the limits of accessibility allowed). Tours can be customized to your needs . CONTACT +39 333-3597523

Dr. Tatiana Rovidotti

Tatiana Rovidotti: Archaeologist,graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Viterbo,specializing in Archaeology in Rome. Enabled Tourist guide for Viterbo in 2007 and Rome in 2008 , a tour guide at the national level in Italian and English . My passion is to make known the Tuscia (Viterbo Province ),the area in which I live to the discovery and understanding of archaeological sites , museums and picturesque landscapes . Some visits are addressed to the disabled and visually where the land allows it. I offer quality services, both for tourists and for schools, providing not only the experience and culture, but also a lot of will and enthusiasm alive. Are available to realize flexible and original itineraries .
CONTACT +39 335-5896843 +39 340-5371188

It's good to know that:

Tours can be tailored to your needs.
Possibility to rent headsets.
For a successful outcome of the tour we recommend from 40 pax,Particularly in museums and historical buildings.
The group must not be greater than 50 units per guide.
Availability of tours for the disabled to the extent permitted accessibility.
On request we organize tastings of local products according to your location.
Possibility of boat trip on Lake Bolsena.
Every first Sunday of the month,free opening of all places state museums,palaces, archaeological areas.

Rules of compensation for tourist guides in the Province of Viterbo With Determination Management No 05 / 3865 / G of 12.13.2013 the Province of Viterbo has determined,pursuant to LR n.74/88,tourist fees for the year 2014.

Common Statement: At guides and interpreters must be paid the base fee in the event that the requested service is canceled with less than 24 hours notice . The same shall be paid the compensation payable if it was not possible to do for non-cancellation of the buyer .
All the above figures are exclusive of any withholding tax.