Schools - All Traveling in Tuscia !

Hunting of Etruscan!
Bolsena: Museum housed in the Rocca Monaldeschi with an educational tour through the history and activities in the lake area since the early Etruscan settlements until the Middle Ages.
Tarquinia and Cerveteri different examples of painting and architecture, with pottery and funerary objects belonging to the Etruscan civilization settled along the coast in the northern part of Lazio. Visit the necropolis of Tarquinia and Cerveteri and National Archaeological Museum of Tarquinia.
Viterbo, tufa rock necropolis of Castel d'Asso and National Archaeological Museum - Albornoz fortress

The Middle Ages:... a step back in time!
Viterbo walk through squares and fountains characteristics of the XII sec., The Cathedral, the Palace of the Popes and the medieval quarter of S. Pellegrino.
Tuscania the basilicas of St. Peter and St. Mary Major.

The Renaissance: The Water Games Between Art, History and Fantasy
The park of Monsters Bomarzo through mythologies and fantastic stories.
Bagnaia - Villa Lante with fountains from special water games
Caprarola - Palazzo Farnese typical example of residence of the '500
Viterbo - botanical garden near the hot springs, with a variety of tropical plants, Mediterranean and environmental reconstructions compatible with the local climate.